550 HP for the F-Pace

New York(USA)/Kronberg, 28. March 2018

Here is the latest proof for the SUV madness that has invaded the world. At the New York Auto Show in 2018 (28. March to 9. April), presented to Jaguar for its new F-Pace SVR. A SUV with a 5.0-Liter supercharged V8, 550 HP and 680 Newton meters of torque. And the British know that the people will rip the Run just out of the showrooms. Finally, you have to come up with the production of the still-absurderen, 575 horsepower Range Rover Sport SVR already. For a Asphalt-crushing Sport variant of the F-Pace seems to me to be exactly the right candidate. 132.000 pieces of you has sold in the past. Nearly 40 percent of all newly registered Jaguars have a F-Pace-Logo. So if you want, he is the Savior of the company. And because of the irritating fast Performance-SUVs – for whatever reason – just terrible in the Trend, does this fit in with the new F-Pace SVR all very good.

283 km/h top

Responsible for the power-of-Pace Jaguar Land Rover's dynamic special Department "Special Vehicle Operations" (SVO). Compared with the strongest F-Pace, the 380-HP S model with the V6, the SVR impressive 45 percent more. From 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. As you can tell, the two tons in weight. Because even though it is scary low, the competitors of the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio – in spite of the 40 HP less – half a second faster. The maximum speed is 283 km/h, however. Thus, the mass-takes-speed-Absurdum is not a bad end, used Jaguar the F-Pace SVR monumental, two-piece brakes with 395er discs at the front and 396er discs at the rear.

Amazing discreet

Otherwise, the Super F-Pace looks remarkably civil for a 550-HP Sport-in closet. Include aerodynamic modifications, larger air intakes in the front apron, Openings in the front wheel arches, new air intakes in the bonnet, wider fenders, a larger roof spoiler and a new rear bumper that the tail pipes of the four exhaust a home. Sounds like a lot of proportions, looks on the pictures but it's really more subtle.

A little firmer

The adjustments of the suspension consisting of stiffer springs (front 30, rear ten per cent) and modified transverse stabilizers. The latter are designed to minimize body roll by five percent. In addition, there are new 21 - or 22-incher at the rear an inch wider than the front. The 22-inch wheels are forged and weigh per piece of about two pounds less than before.

It should be according to the

Sensibly, the F-Pace SVR also should sound. Not only because of the V8 Jaguars always make a divine noise, no: The Titan system with active flap comes from the F-Type SVR and screamed like little else on the market. It is also made from titanium, and reduces the vehicle weight by at least 6.6 per Kilo. Another SVR goodie is the electronic rear-axle differential. The first in a F-Pace, mind you. In addition, the adaptive dampers, the steering, the Torque Vectoring and the driving modes were trimmed with a special SVR Software on the attack.

New Sports Seats

Inside the (hopefully gracefully-built) F-Pace-SVR-pilots expect, "lean Performance seats" with a diamond pattern. Also the rear seat is more contoured. The Whole in four different color variants. A special sports steering wheel with aluminium shift paddles, as well as a proper gear lever instead of the conventional rotary wheel. For peace in the family, with the usual huge F-Pace-the trunk with a minimum of 650 liters of volume, a 4G Wifi Hotspot as well as in series provide the full infotainment program with a Ten-inch navigation system and 12.3-inch instrument display. To market launch and price of the F-Pace SVR has not commented Jaguar.(sw)