40 years of the VW Golf GTI exhibition Museum

Exhibition in the VW Museum

The Foundation of "Volkswagen car Museum" celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI with a great special. "Strong guys" from the seven generations of the Volkssportlers in the focus of the Wolfsburg car Museum on the diesel road stand until September 18, 2016. A mixed bag of extravagant uniques, pre-production models and rare variants of the cult classic is presented in addition to the production models

The launch of the compact sports car falls with the Golf I "Ur-GTI", which for the first time in 1975 as a pre-production model with his characteristic, so-called dovetail rear panel at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt of the international community was presented. The originally planned limited run of 5000 units was already sold out before its launch.

The first GTI four-door was the "Giugiaro" from 1977. The GTI named after his Italian star designer Giorgetto Giugiaro comes from his private collection. Second, the star conductor and Director of the Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan got actually only from 1981 on the market of offered Golf I GTI four-door "Giugiaro", also in 1977.

The times of the beetle with the optimization of Volkswagen engines of concerned Gerhard Oettinger is owes the four-valve technology in the Golf I GTI. So were on the initiative of the French Volkswagen importer from 1981 until 1988 some 2500 engines with 1.6-litre (100 kW / 136 HP), 1.8-liter (106 kW / 142 HP) and even two liters engine displacement (111 kW up to 126 kW or 150 to 170 HP) manufactured with 16V-Zylinderköpfen only in the Hessian Friedrichsdorf.

Also by Dietrich Dimmler from Gifhorn is one of the special GTI stories of the special matching. The 5500 euro 'Meadow ' Fund' of 51 on eBay extremely well-preserved original Oettinger parts included: "A GTI optimized by the company Oettinger was my unaffordable dream of youth, I suggested to immediately", so Dimmler about his car. Said Oettinger parts he took and built it E/16 GTI in a golf I 2000 a from 1983, as the rest of the lucky find was no longer to save. The company Oettinger confirmed the "tag as original" of the now fulfilled dream of youth.

Also Matthias Reinhardt, who also landed a chance discovery in the year 2000 while walking through Berlin Dalem as a young man describes the "GTI myth": the golf II GTI parking on the roadside, built in 1984, was for sale. With subsequent catalytic conversion - was due to the former end of the probationary period of his driver's license - to the new vehicle of the proud and young GTI handlebar.

Baseketball from rallying, as are Golf I GTI Group 1 "Rheila" in 1981/82 and the golf II GTI rally Group A "Triumph-Adler" from 1986, other chic "two GTI", that were allowed on the road in 1984, in the series of exhibits. Power packs and exotics, like the golf II GTI G60 from 1989, which - like a compressor - spiral loader from the Rallye Golf was loaded and was offered only in the years 1990/91, as well as the 244 kW using G-Lader are on the second level of the GTI-evolution / 330 PS strong show car Golf I Sbarro Turbo of the car visionary Franco Sbarro from the West Switzerland from 1983. As the unofficial "King of the GTI" is technically similar to the golf II limited limited of 71 pieces of 1981 the G60, it was also equipped with the four-valve technology known from Oettinger. With its 155 kW / 210 PS was he so more 37kW/50 HP think its "little brother" G60 and thus continued the ranks of the GTI classics worthy.

Especially original exhibits of the exhibition are a motor boat and a "flying object", each in the form of the golf II GTI. Matching pictures show both how they in 1988 with hunt to the seventh GTI meeting Reifnitz full speed on the Wörthersee. Among the other exhibits, all GTI models of golf generations one through seven, Motorsport variants, from abroad produced Golf GTI - like the "rabbit" from the United States and the "Gol" from Brazil - as well as a culmination of the special exhibition can be found on the impressive 2014 GTI Roadster study and the just published 215 kW / 290 PS strong Golf GTI ClubSport.

Students at two universities of fashion also designed a fashion collection from materials of the current special ClubSport model. Also can be admired until September 18, 2016 in the Wolfsburg "Volkswagen car Museum". (ampnet/oa)