007's company car is sold

London (United Kingdom), 19 February 2016

Have you drooling so when looking at the latest bond Strip spectre? No, not because of Monica Belucci, Lea Seydoux, or Daniel Craig, but because of the wonderful Aston Martin DB10? Well, the latter evening at Christie's was sold the day before yesterday in London and earned a penny more than erkleckliches, about the selfless physician from doctors without borders will be certainly very happy.

Over three million euros

Many wanted the DB10 due to its ravishing look as a successor of the DB9, but he was from the beginning really only meant to film car for the most famous double agent of the world. Ten examples were built in total. Eight of these are likely to be either died a horrible death of film or they got into the hands of Q, what should have given much destructive toy, but little practicality them. Aston Martin lifted only two DB10 for a quieter career. Only one of them was for sale or better: the auction provided. The buyer may so pleased with a rather unique piece of automobile history. And could reach him very deep into their own pockets, because the hammer for 007's company car fell at 2.434.500 pounds (about 3.1 million euros).

Not only the car

Technical specifications of the DB10 are relatively rare. He sits on a modified chassis of the V8 Vantage, which was stretched on the size of the hyper athlete's one-77. Under the hood is a 4.7 liter V8 cleaner, equipped with a manual transmission. The maximum speed should be at over 300 km/h. The DB10 was the highlight of a bond auction, which in total received 2.785.500 pounds (good EUR 3.6 million). While a watch worn by Daniel Craig contributed 92.500 pounds (119,000 euros), his "day-of-the-dead" costume from the first scene of the film scored 98,500 pounds (126.800 euros). (black & white)