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Under the name of Mitsubishi Lancer, the Japanese carmaker since 1973 has been offering its mid-range models. Meanwhile, the eighth generation of the Mitsubishi produced in many body styles over the decades Lancer is on the market. Used mainly as the Lancer Sportback wagon and the previous model series are required. For new vehicles, Mitsubishi has since 2007 a ​​sporty and ambitious four-door saloon in the program, their relationship to the known through numerous rallying successes Lancer Evolution models can not be denied. As engine available for the current Mitsubishi Lancer, whether sports sedan or Sportback, a diesel and two gasoline ready for use. In the basic model of the Mitsubishi Lancer sits a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder gasoline engine under the hood of the 117 hp. If the 1.8 petrol ClearTec for the Mitsubishi Lancer cars chosen the sedan already makes 140 hp. The only diesel engine is also the most powerful engine : the 1.8 DI-D + 150 hp and makes sedan and Sportback more than 210 km / h. The normalized fuel consumption depending on the model moves from 5.2 to 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers. At the factory of Mitsubishi Lancer with numerous safety-related details (eg knee airbag, ESP) is fitted. Specially for sports car drivers with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is optimized for performance car ready: The adapted from the rally sport sedan is powered by a 2.0 - liter turbo gasoline engine of 295 hp and makes the Lancer up to 242 km / h makes.

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vip.couplewill 2014-01-18

Mitsubishi lancer X 1.8, 143 hp CVT. Hatchback. This is the first and the last on my list of Japanese cars, which I ever exploited.

My parents owned a car. I exploited her while when I was waiting for mine (about half a year).

I'll start with the cons :

Quality LPC - disgusting. Any sprig of leaves such a trail as if scratched wire. Once accidentally failed unfastened seat belt so that the buckle of the belt flipped over the face of the door. What was my surprise that a two of weeks cleavage started to rust!

Of an unsuccessful weight distribution (muzzle is very heavy, and there is no problem) during sudden maneuvers or when braking, cornering a small tear in the front skid.

CVT - is evil. He's not going. Feels like: going to the sluggish traffic. Wanted to restructure the left there is a place, you press the gas almost to the end but the car does not go. But after a few seconds left when the place is already occupied with the howling engine and transmission car starts to accelerate at the same time even if acceleration continues to ease the pressure on the gas pedal! I have to press on the brake sharply. At the same time the consumption of gasoline in about 14-17 liters asoline. And like and do not chase (not impossible) but eats like a horse.

Poor insulation. Ohh, nono - it simply does not. Removing the door trim to replace the speakers found bare metal.

Not climate control in configuration with the engine. Its even can not deliver for money.

Steering wheel is not adjustable on the flight.

Main beam is activated in the same way as on other machines main beam ( the lever toward you) . And it turns out - wanted to blink , but it turned out to include headlight. To turn off the need to repeat again ( blink ) .

Poky plastic in the cabin, rattling doors.

When driving with a half-open windows - its rattle on hummocks.

Receiver in sunny weather did not see - the red light glares.


Over 77 thousand km run it is not broke .

Barely sold a miracle the Japanese car industry .

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