Mitsubishi L300

The Mitsubishi L300 is a van or minivan that was first sold as a new car in 1980 and produced until the year 1998. Compared to the VW bus and the Ford Transit Used Mitsubishi L300 should score major points on his low purchase price. Likewise, the Japanese manufacturer driver wanted to inspire a combination of the van as the Mitsubishi L300 next seven seats and a variable loading space offered by the expansion of the benches. A single model of care Mitsubishi L300 benefited the minivan in 1986, which was reflected mainly in a modernized look. Used Mitsubishi L300 as the minibus is available with five engines : In addition to two diesel engines which provide 70 or 87 hp from a 2.5 - liter, four-cylinder engine of the Mitsubishi L300 70 was delivered with three gasoline engines producing 90 and 112 hp. Rare copies of used Mitsubishi L300 minivan, the all-wheel drive vehicles. Selbige built on the chassis of the Mitsubishi Pajero and found mainly in forestry and transportation of horticulture their use. The chassis of the Mitsubishi L300 has also been installed as a carrier for campers, which can still be seen today on the streets.