World's largest all-wheel fair in Bad Kissingen in mainly all-wheel drive

Main thing is all-wheel drive

No, actually they need no roads, the Globetrotters and expedition travellers every year, Bad Kissingen, Germany visiting the peaceful spa town to Corpus Christi and the three following days. However, accumulate them with their offroaders quite nicely and patiently on asphalt, when it comes to the world's largest off-road show, to the "adventure & Allrad".

A colleague said it sometime once as: "A car without all-wheel drive is not to end". The German rally legend Walter Röhrl, to date of the only German rally world champion, put it differently: "Everything except all-wheel drive is a compromise". "The tall one" should know, finally he wrote engine history - with two and four powered wheels - sure hardly any of the visitors want to go up here in Bad Kissingen four victories at the rally Monte Carlo.Rallye WINS. The merits of four, six or eight drive wheels, the visitors know but all the kenntnisreicher to report. Finally, they are instructed that they - through with their rolling stand on travels around the world and also get. That the visitors are sufficiently travel experience, prove the vehicles on the guests campground.

During the four exhibition days, Bad Kissingen, Germany should exhibit the probably highest density of all-terrain vehicles in Germany. At the Exhibition Centre itself, a former military area of the Americans, the GlobeTrotter travel addict finds everything his heart desires. Accessories range from A as in exhaust to Z such as spark plug. Several providers offer guided tours for those who want to go alone. The trend clearly to tour East to report white Fox adventure offroad from Gera as Robby here. Around 250 international exhibitors will show on the now world's largest exhibition of all-wheel drive everything GlobeTrotter so need - or would like to see. The visitors know proven variety to appreciate significantly such as long queues in front of the entrance to the sunny holiday. The Organizer, a very realistic estimate is around 60,000 visitors. The ' adventure & Allrad ' exhibition is open until Sunday, may 29, 2016.