Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse T-Modell

Since November 2009, the current E-Class from Mercedes-Benz is now a richer combination with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. The precious combination is to encourage especially with a lot of comfort in addition to the purchase of a large variability and is often dubbed by the Untert├╝rkheimer as (T) space vehicles. Since 1977, the Model T enthusiastically by Mercedes-Benz already in the solution of space problems with high functionality, this is reinvented once more through an elaborate concept in the current Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. So it is easily possible to transform the Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model in a seven-seater, the rear seats skillfully integrated in the luggage compartment make it possible. Similarly, the security in the new Model T is large - written. Besides fatigue detection, active bonnet, Adaptive Highbeam Assist and Brake Assist, which Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate is home to a standard air suspension with level control that can float gently over the roads the combination. As engines used in the new Model T all E-Class engines to use, even 4matic (all wheel drive) is optional to order. Competition must be the Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model most of the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6 Avant expect all others is a great combination of luxury ahead, ditto also the price ! After a first facelift in spring 2013, the Mercedes comes in combination with a modified design and interior prettified from de factory. Similarly, the diesel engines were optimized for consumption so that, for example, the Mercedes-Benz E 200 CDI with 136 PS consumes just 4.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. If you now want to buy a cheap combination as the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer as a used car, you will find a numerous selection at this site, where as many combi cars are available to buy.