Mercedes-Benz R 320

The Mercedes-Benz R 320 is the MPV of the R-Class or " New German " Untert├╝rkheimer the manufacturer of the family van and is related to the BMW 5 Series GT, Audi A5 Sportback and the Renault Vel Satis on a vehicle category. The Mercedes-Benz R 320 is contrary to the entry-level models of the R-Class only in the long version (23 cm long) delivered as a new car from the factory. Is motorized, the Mercedes-Benz R 320 with a nearly 3.0 - liter V6 diesel engine with common - rail injection, its power via the 7G-TRONIC (7-speed automatic transmission) and standard 4MATIV - Four wheel drive puts the wheels. The diesel engine in the Mercedes-Benz R 320 makes 224 hp and reaches a torque of 510 Nm. The brand reaches 100 kph in 8.7 seconds, and the van top speed of 222 km / h Despite the strong compression-ignition engine, the average consumption of the Mercedes-Benz R 320 levels off at 8.7 liters. For the occupants of the sedan offers a luxury travel space : High-quality seats for four persons including armrests, two retractable rear seats, climate control, cruise control, audio with CD changer and plenty of storage boxes (partially air conditioned) are Ausz├╝ ge of the standard features of the Mercedes-Benz R 320th