Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse

The Mercedes-Benz R-Class (W251) refers to a car of the top class and since 2005 in the newly created niche in the SUV - sold tourer, introduced himself to AMI 2010 in Leipzig with a facelift, which visually especially the headlights, bonnet and spoiler involved. Both diesel consumption were optimized and now each verkonsumieren a liter less diesel per 100 kilometers. Like the ML-Class, this is built in the USA. Latest Mercedes-Benz R-Class offers two diesel - and in four petrol variants. The entry-level model with a V6 diesel engine in the R 300 CDI delivers 190 hp, the largest diesel engine is the R 350 with 265 hp. The performance of three petrol R 300, R 350 and R 500 is 231, 272 or 306 hp. The luxurious and spacious interior accommodates six people. Mercedes also offers a long version of the R-Class, the boot capacity is up to 2,350 liters. This long version is offered on the U.S. market. The standard features of the Mercedes R-Class include the 7-speed automatic transmission and the automatic climate control. Permanent all-wheel drive, electronically controlled traction system and ESP ensure high driving safety. These systems come as standard equipment for the Mercedes R-Class as the air suspension on the rear axle. The optionally available AIRMATIC all-round air suspension with the Adaptive Damping System lowers the suspension by 20 millimeters at high speed.