Mercedes-Benz CLC 230

A sporty coupe will be the Mercedes-Benz CLC 230 for a young audience and expand the entry into the middle class to BMW 3 series, VW Passat or Peugeot 407 on the mark with that. Back in 2000, the sporty Benz has been unleashed on the customer hunting, which was onetime still provided as C-Class Sports Coupe in the branches as a new car. In two facelifts (2004 and 2008) was installed 230 changes to front and rear light units with new, updates in the interior and fuel-efficient engines in the Mercedes-Benz CLC. The current CL203 Series accommodates a V6 - cylinder engine as a drive which has a displacement of 2.5 liters. With the resulting power of 204 hp, the Mercedes-Benz CLC 230 is up to 240 km / h and needs 8.4 seconds from zero to 100 km / h The standard consumption of the Coupe 's is 9.2 liters of premium gasoline, which, given the performance represents a good value. Since 2010, the Mercedes-Benz CLC 230 has been replaced by the new C-Class Coupe in the hierarchy, so the coupe is available only as a used car.