Lexus RX

With the Lexus RX, Toyota luxury brand comes into the SUV segment ' s before and delivers a competitor for the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 from. Especially the fact that the Lexus RX series can be equipped with a hybrid option is likely, given the cost of fuel and the thirst of comparable models be a good alternative in the choice of an SUV. Despite his powerful performance of over 200 km / h and a power of 299 hp, such as the Lexus RX 450h, the fuel consumption is a meager 6.3 liters per 100 km. Given these facts, the Lexus SUV is a fuel-efficient variant of an SUV with sedan character. The hybrid mode is particularly evident when starting. Silently sets the Lexus RX with the 6-speed automatic transmission on all four wheels in motion and will soon support the V6 petrol engine. Especially in city traffic, with frequent stops at traffic lights, the Lexus RX can shine here and save as opposed to Porsche and Volkswagen a lot of fuel. In terms of equipment, the Japanese SUV already in the standard equipment all on what is Good and Expensive and has lots of room. Since the summer of 2012, the Lexus RX are delivered car with a discreet facelift : The new grille is designed to make the Japanese sport, besides xenon are now LED lights to choose from, a new interior design to extend the sense of wellbeing in the interior and the rear lights now appear by clear glass. Used cars from Lexus or / and car of the year can be found on this website - the car market for cars, trucks and SUVs.