Jaguar XJ6 2.7 Diesel

There for the first time in the model history of the company in its seventh generation of Jaguar XJ XJ with a diesel engine. The Jaguar XJ6 2.7 liter diesel (its official title) is available since 2005 and has a 2.7 - liter twin-turbo V6 diesel engine jointly developed with Peugeot under the hood. The Jaguar XJ6 2.7 diesel develops 207 hp and a maximum torque of 435 Nm. Thus equipped, the Jaguar XJ6 2.7 liter diesel accelerates, also thanks to its lightweight aluminum body, in 8.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 222 km / hr (factory specifications). A diesel particulate filter is standard for all Jaguar XJ6 diesel. Are you looking for a sedan ? In this website you will find your new car.