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Quieter terminator

Kitzb├╝hel (Austria), 23 January 2017 Traditionally, the famous Hahnenkamm ski race in Kitzb├╝hel is a pageant of celebrities. One of the most famous Austrian used the visit of this year's race but also...

Flink in the danger zone

Toronto, November 4, 2014 The Federal Police of Colombia has ordered four copies of this armored transport, looks like two Hummer H1 with not very good mood. This vehicle is named Huron APC ( Armored...

Big- Benz as Red Russian

Munich, June 11, 2014 The Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 is a car that does not necessarily need the ( western) world. Unless you have a weekend house just below the Zugspitze or operates a sand pit. The AMG...