Quieter terminator

Kitzbühel (Austria), 23 January 2017

Traditionally, the famous Hahnenkamm ski race in Kitzbühel is a pageant of celebrities. One of the most famous Austrian used the visit of this year's race but also elsewhere (20 to 22 January 2017): Arnold Schwarzenegger had a centrifugal electric for the company and drives an electric Mercedes G-class in the future.

Steiermärker among themselves

Whether the actor and former Governor of California has Hummer or Mercedes g: since always been a soft spot for lush SUV. The home factor is also applied at G-class: "Arnie" was born near Graz, where G is still produced. But despite of all terrain Gigantomania, Schwarzenegger has also a penchant for alternative drive systems. So it came to the idea of an electric-G, the centrifugal electric (also from Austria) has carried out. The basis is a Mercedes G 2016 350 d of year of manufacture. There one has installed batteries under the hood in the rear as a replacement for the fuel tank and below the entry. Overall, weigh these 510 kilograms and save 80 kilowatt hours of energy. That should do it for good 300 kilometres.

Terminator-test in California

At the same time, the off-road capability will be maintained. All comfort functions are still available through software updates. Several electric motors with reduction gears have been set up directly on the transfer case, the main gear was removed. The capacity is 360 kilowatt equals 490 Horsepower, in 5.6 seconds, 100 sprints the power G on pace. Thus, it clearly depends the original diesel. Maximum of 183 km/h are possible, according to centrifugal electric car can be recharged in 25 minutes to 80 percent. Schwarzenegger will test the prototype in Los Angeles and develop together with gyro. (rh)