'Humvee-manufacturer AM General to purchase'

AM General, best known for the Humvee and the personenversie thereof, is in the window. That is reported by Reuters today.

The 48 year ago-created AM General, a result of the Kaiser-Jeep Corporation, we know mainly of the Humvee, the military all-rounder in 1984 for the first time by AM General was built. In 1992, the personenversie of the Humvee, the H1, under the brand name Hummer was sold, a brand that General Motors has the brand rights in 1998, in the hands got. Reuters writes on the basis of unspecified sources that AM General in the window.

The value of AM General is estimated at around $ 2 billion. According to Reuters, has not only Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but also General Motors interested in getting AM General to his portfolio. AM General is currently owned by several private equity investors. The annual turnover of AM General, is some 160 million dollars.

The Hummer H2 was launched by AM General in command of General Motors built, but AM General was not in the hands of GM. AM General had nothing with the H3.