Flink in the danger zone

Toronto, November 4, 2014

The Federal Police of Colombia has ordered four copies of this armored transport, looks like two Hummer H1 with not very good mood. This vehicle is named Huron APC ( Armored Personnel Carrier ), stands on a chassis of the US truck manufacturer Kenworth and comes from the minds of the Canadian company " Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing". According to the Incas, the Huron enjoys a " revolutionary lightweight armor " that will give him more speed and agility than comparable armored vehicles.

Raging turret

The Incas Huron APC can carry up to 16 people, of which up to twelve can fire from small embrasures below the mini - barred window on the environment at the same time. Optionally can be set up on the roof and a turret. The cabin of the Huron withstanding an AK - 47, the engine compartment is armored and the underbody can withstand the detonation of two DM-51 hand grenades or mines of comparable destructive power. Speaking of power. A 8.3 - liter Paccar diesel engine distributes its power over a ten-speed manual transmission from Allison at all four wheels. The Huron APC is up to 140 km / h fast. A possible plates showing the vehicle at in the taps before a compressor automatically inflates the affected tires.

Pop stars and oligarchs are out

Depending on the configuration of the Incas Huron APC will cost 485,000 to 630,000 US dollars. The corresponding rates from 386,000 to 502,000 euros plus taxes. Pop stars, oligarchs, terrorists and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for the Huron must appear as the ultimate Super - toys, look at Incas but in the tube. The agile armored car is only for " police and military maneuvers, protecting convoys and border controls around the world " and can only be purchased via government or law enforcement authorities . ( sw )