Big- Benz as Red Russian

Munich, June 11, 2014

The Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 is a car that does not necessarily need the ( western) world. Unless you have a weekend house just below the Zugspitze or operates a sand pit. The AMG 6x6 is something like a Mercedes G-Class in size. Three driven axles and 37-inch wheels make the Big-Benz Offroad genius. That rages under the hood a V8 advancing the terrain box with beefy 544 hp, is mentioned only once in passing. But the already factory steeled muscles prevent Tuner not from further hochzuzüchten the brutal mobile. So there is a hot homemade 6x6 Brabus version with 700 hp and a Mansory interpretation with heavy 840 horsepower. Of course, in both a honed body is.

Dartz has the 6x6 in the works

The recent report of a sharp 6x6 made ​​comes from Riga, Latvia. There sits the company Dartz, who has made ​​a name with martial conversions of SUVs and no less pompous body creations. Fans thinking specifically of the Dartz Black Snake, a SUV monster to G 63 AMG base for the Chinese market. Or the Dartz Kombat, against a Hummer H1 as a 1:2 model acts.

Paint by artist's hand

The now modified 6x6? when viewing the opinion fluctuates between " refined " and " messed up "? was wrapped in a camouflage look, which, however, has to do with camouflage as much as a meat loaf with cheese. The " Red Russian " as the giant is called by his tuner, acting through its pink or yellow color more sympathetic than threatening. The paint is applied by artists and is intended to recall the color of a matryoshka. The motives, however, remember something less those who are joyful, Russian dolls plug: At least for the pink car in our pictures are black and white, presumably naked, painted figures. The other copy has a harmless flower pattern, probably this is the version " for you ".

Cans and baseball bats

The body is also provided with many Carbon attachment parts and the aggressive front bumper could safely evacuate as many opponents simply by sliding it away from the road. For cars are painted in the exterior look of accessories such as a petrol can and baseball bat. What are the intended and why " From Russia with love " is written on the stem, the viewer's imagination is left. Inside there should be carpets from shark skin and a sound system from Bang & Olufsen. At prices Latvians are silent as well as the technology under the painted metal. (HD)