Suzuki Jimny #5

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So chic, the new Jimny is

Hamamatsu (Japan), 19. June 2018 What Mercedes and Suzuki have in common? At first glance, not much. But in the case of two brands-edged off-roader that was unchanged for many years in the program currently...

Mahindra Roxor: The Mini-Jeep

Auburn Hills (USA), 14. March 2018 The demand for the simple versions of the Mercedes G and Toyota Land Cruiser, but even after the Lada 4x4 and the Suzuki Jimny, it shows: Who's really doing something...

New Suzuki Jimny leaked

Hair, 29. August 2017 All love the Mercedes G-model. Why? Because the technology is up-to-date, but the all-terrain vehicle visually looks just like its debut in 1979. Of a similar corn meal and the Suzuki...

All four-wheel-drive, or what?

Dublin (Ireland), February 23, 2017 Among us:, Which brands combine spontaneously with the topic of all-wheel drive? Determines the Audi and Subaru. But this technique plays a major role also in Suzuki...