Mitsubishi Space Star #6

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Ford Ka+: Large Model Care

Cologne, 5. February 2018 Ford polished its entry-level model: The Ka+ gets to the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) missed a comprehensive model of care. A new Active Version in the SUV-Look and...

Russia leads in price war

Buxtehude, April 9, 2015 In the German new-car market there have been only two true Preisbrecher: the Dacia Sandero and the Mitsubishi Space Star. Now the Lada Granta joined the ranks of the ultimate...

Growth in sub - 7,000 - euro - segment

Buxtehude, March 13, 2015 Price war in the discount class: Buying a new car for less than 7,000 euros in Germany? That is, even if the selection is very limited. So far there have been to this fight...

Surprisingly expensive

Bensheim, October 27, 2014 Much has been rumored in advance: Is Suzuki's new small car Celerio a price breaker? Now it is clear: The Indian-built Alto successor is not the expected ultimate bargain when...