Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair

With the Fiat Punto 0.9 TwinAir, the new base model of the series is available as a new car since the spring of 2012. The Fiat Punto Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir to worry about the minimalist motor for maintenance cost and still offer all the amenities of a small car like the VW Polo or Opel Corsa. For this, the already used in the Fiat 500 2 - cylinder engine with 900 cc displacement and turbocharging in the Fiat Punto 0.9 TwinAir cars will be integrated. The result is an output of 85 hp and a maximum torque of 145 Nm. With its two-cylinder Fiat Punto can set a marker 0.9 TwinAir with the performance: From the state of new or used small car accelerates in 12.7 seconds to 100 km, the maximum speed with a Fiat Punto 0.9 TwinAir car is 172 km / h (factory specifications). The Italian Group estimates that the average consumption of 0.9 TwinAir Fiat Punto 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Factory of small cars with start-stop technology, ABS and ESP and electric windows and central locking comes to the dealers. Optional extras such as air conditioning, CD radio or cruise control system can be integrated surcharge in the Fiat Punto 0.9 TwinAir cars.