First look at the LaFerrari Spyder

Maranello (Italy), 5 July 2016

The Ferrari LaFerrari: Part of the so-called "Holy Trinity" of the Holy Trinity of hyper cars. The legitimate successor of F40, F50 and Enzo in the hybrid future and many millions euros to the account of the Italian led Ferrari. Long was puzzled about the appearance of the Spyder model that is right, well there's first photos. And unfortunately bad news.

Carbon or soft top?

The open cockpit game reminiscent of the 488 GTB Spyder with the bracket behind the seats. Without a roof, the fun on the V12 mid-engine should be even bigger. Performance technically nothing will change when the Spyder, it remains at 963 Horsepower Nitro and electric motor. The choice between a hardtop from carbon and a soft top cover is left to the customers. Achieve the stiffness values of the closed version of the Spyder, the chassis was strengthened comprehensively. Also, the aerodynamics was revised to not worsen the air resistance even with the roof open.

All gone

More specific details about the technical changes and whether the LaFerrari Spyder is really hot LaFerrari Spyder, the Italians want to only announce at the Paris Motor Show (1st to 16th October 2016). There the manufacturer wants to tell, how many Spyder will be built. Actually completely unimportant, because all vehicles were sold within the framework of an exclusive preview with even more exclusive customers. Crazy world, this history of Hypercar. (mf)