A Ferrari FXX K Birthday

Maranello, September 1, 2015

Benjamin Sloss is a very big shot at Google, and calls himself "confirmed horsepower junkie " ?? real PS madman. He shares his hobby with his wife Christine, the " because_race_wife " the name of her Instagram account ?? ie " race Wife " has given. A real power couple precisely. As of 2012, the severe earthquake in the Italian Emilia happened, there was a charitiy auction for the victims. In this auction Benjamin Sloss auctioned a Ferrari 599 XX, then the strongest possible terms, what the Italians had unleashed on the racetracks of the world. And apparently found the Google vice president fallen on the Italian brand with the prancing horse.

The gift of gifts

On August 28, 2015 namely, Christines Birthday, flew the two to Fiorano. Benjamin wanted to give a few laps in matrimonial 599 XX on the Ferrari test track his wife. The thought at least Christine. For when the two arrived in Maranello, was waiting for a bright yellow Ferrari FXX K on the birthday child. An incredible gift from a very generous variables husband. After all, the racing version of the LaFerrari costs, when you get the honor to be able to order one time just 2.5 million euros. And the FXX K is not the first spectacular car that Benjamin has added to the fleet of the two: In addition to the FXX K and the 599 XX there are also a LaFerrari, a Lamborhinin Aventador, a Ferrari Dino, a Ferrari 599, a Ferrari 458 Spider and a Ferrari 458 challenge ?? all in the same yellow that now adorns the FXX K.

Fast racing Wife

Who thinks now, Christine's new toy would get dusty only in a bombproof room, you are wrong: Directly after she unveiled the FXX K, they slipped into their racing overalls and drove with a passenger up to three tenths of the official Ferrari fastest time for the FXX K zoom. Respect! After their trip woman Sloss had only positive things to report: The Ferrari give a fantastic feedback, a lot of confidence and was just incredibly fast. And today, on 1 September 2015 the two spend together with her ​​yellow toys for one day at the " Corsa Clienti " ?? Ferraris customer sport program ?? Spa-Francorchamps . ( mf )