Citroen DS2

The 2CV is back! Of course, not in the old form, but in a modern look and today's standards, the French brought the Citroen DS2 on the market. Since 2010, the small car now comes the long-awaited successor to the 2CV and is thus a great shot score individuality against the " normal people " Fiat 500, Ford Ka or Opel Corsa. Around 13,000 euros, the Citroen DS2 cost and aims to build on the great successes of the 2CV. Based on the study " REVOLTe ", which has already caused at the IAA 2009, for attention, a new cult car has been created that with an exceptionally stylish body and especially with the tail of long past times recalls. Down to earth, however, remains the engine in the Citroen DS2 : three-cylinder petrol engines with 70 hp to 100 hp provide the necessary propulsion. Similarly, can be ordered for the successor of the duck, a diesel engine with 70 hp, which can be run very efficiently. Unfortunately, it will not bring out the study for serial production, and also the rolling roof of its predecessor, the Citroen DS2 for the time being can not show the hybrid drive.