Sales forecast 2019: 440,000 in cars sold

For 2019 expect the industry organisations that there are in our country 440,000 in passenger cars to be sold.

Previously talked to the trade associations RAI Vereniging and Bovag the expectation that this year finally 430.000 new passenger cars will be registered. That expectation has been revised to 440,000 in pieces. Also for 2019 expect the industry associations, a total number of passenger cars sold of 440,000 pieces.

RAI Vereniging and Bovag expect this despite the economoische growth in our country is a stabilisation compared to this year. That means, according to the industry associations, among others, related to uncertainty about the effects of the WLTP-emission test on the bpm.

The two organizations will speak further to their dissatisfaction with the manner in which the secretary of state with the effects of the input of the WLTP-method handles. The WLTP-method provides more realistic consumption figures, making the CO2-value in many cases turns out to be higher, something which has consequences for bpm on a new car. "Despite the insistence of Bovag and RAI Association to the bpm rates match, and a promise of the secretary of state that the motorist is not the dupe may be the introduction of the new test, the government has recently decided not to take action. This is expected to result to higher consumer prices."

Good news for automakers with EV's in their leveringsgamma. RAI Vereniging and Bovag say to expect that in 2019 28,000 or electric cars are sold, or 6.4 percent of the total. For this year, expect the trade associations that there are 20.000 EV's will be sold. That growth includes more related to the wider range of EV's and the fact that next year any bijtellingsvoordeel (4 percent) to achieve on an electric car, but only on the first 50,000 euros of the price.

The forecasts of RAI Vereniging and Bovag are generally very accurate. In 2016, spoke to the industry associations, the expectation is that in 2017 415.000 cars sold would be. At the beginning of this year turned out to be the verkoopteller in 2017, eventually 414.538 cars came out.