BMW 760i

Bayern make the muscles in the luxury sedans, the BMW 760i because the round carmaker BMW 7 Series upwards. In the BMW 760i all the developments and researches the forge have been incorporated. The best example is the 544 bhp engine for propulsion. The 6.0 - liter engine with twin turbochargers would be easy for speeds above 300 km / h well, but is governed as BMW's usual 250 km / hr. With the brute torque of 730 Nm, the sedan sprints in just 4.6 seconds to 100 Transmit the force over an eight automatic. Despite these benefits, the average consumption of the BMW 760i is surprisingly meager premium gasoline at 12.9 liters. The interior creates a convenience and a comfort, so never got into a BMW used. For the driver is driving the limousine to enjoy, numerous assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, night vision reversing camera or the electronic damper adjustment make work in a BMW 760i series. Who the dimensions of the BMW 760i with 5.07 meters not appear to be sufficient, which can also odern the larger version BMW 760iL, which has 14 more inches in length. In this website you will find a large selection of BMW limousines and other supporters of this class as the Audi A8 and the Mercedes-Benz S600 in new and used quality.