Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is a traditional British craftsmanship and modern German art worlds meet. The Bentley produced in the English headquarters Crewe coupe is the first Bentley, which was developed in cooperation with Volkswagen as a new car. In the two-door Bentley Continental GT coupe, the identical engine as the VW Phaeton is built, although this has a W-twelve-cylinder biturbo engine. The Turbo GT receives from the German group in addition to all-wheel drive and air suspension. This technique, in conjunction with the famed British hand is a beautiful upper-class coupe. Since 1998, the British luxury carmaker part of the Volkswagen Group. 2004 fertilized cooperation in the Bentley Continental GT. In addition to the coupe version of Gran Turismo, the British engineers placed two years later with the GTC has a Bentley Continental GT convertible version on the market. 2007 series with the sporty Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​has been enhanced. Of the Bentley Continental GT 6.0 W12 twin-turbo engine provides for a revision in the autumn of 2010 a strength of 575 hp. This concentration of power accelerates the 2.4-tonne precious vehicle in just 4.6 seconds to 100 km / h The speed limit in this Bentley Continental GT Mulliner with fine leather and wood in the interior is 318 km / h The average consumption levels off at a 16.5 liter per 100 kilometers. The Bentley Continental GT Speed, the performance is even better: 610 hp, acceleration from 0 to 100 in just 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 326 km / h loud here the convincing arguments. Both models come with a six-speed automatic transmission. Since January 2012, the Bentley Continental GT, the principle of downsizing following is offered with a V8 petrol engine with 4.0 liter displacement and 507 hp of making about 20% less CONSUMPTION shows. Within its own forge the Bentley Continental GT is one of the newest vehicles, the older models such as the Bentley Arnage significantly outperforms in terms of horsepower and speed. Even compared to other equivalent brand, the Continental GT have distinct advantages: a Bentley Continental GT vs. a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph both faster and more modern. The Bentley Continental GT price of a new car is around 180,000 euros. Cheaper is at this website.