Bentley Continental GT W12

Luxury of the upper class, and Power Up are the synonyms, which are reflected in the Bentley Continental GT W12. The Coupe luxury home of English was the first act that successfully implemented the Volkswagen Group in 2003. In the Bentley Continental GT W12 Used many developments in the VW Phaeton flowed with. In addition to the W12 - cylinder engine that drove the VW flagship also in all-wheel drive and an air suspension on Bentley Continental GT W12. Of course, the gasoline engine a performance increase was subjected by turbocharging and so the 6.0 - liter W12 - cylinder engine produces a whopping 560 hp. In the Supersports variant from 2009 even 630 hp. Series in the Bentley Continental GT W12 car is equipped with many extras, in addition to a full leather interior in particular through the entertainment system of the sports car sensation. Fantastic are the driving performance of the Bentley Continental GT W12 : For the sprint from a standstill to 100 of the nearly 2.5-ton sports car needs only 4.8 seconds, and top speed is 318 km / h Correspondingly high is the average consumption of a new or used Bentley Continental GT W12, on average, the coupe verkonsumiert around 16.6 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers.