Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI

The Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI is an SUV that is offered by the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt since 2011 as a new car. The base of the Audi 2.0 TFSI new car comes from the brother of the group on the VW Tiguan and Audi A3 and VW Golf are based. In 2007, the Audi Q3 was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show for the first time and quickly developed potential for mass production. The Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI is available in two power levels and initially covers the range of gasoline engines. The four-cylinder in-line engine with 2.0 liter displacement and turbocharging makes the "small" design 170 hp and develops a torque of 280 Nm. The Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI new car comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and reaches a top speed of 212 km / h In the more potent version of the Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI otherwise identical engine delivers a whopping 211 hp and 300 Nm of torque available. In this variant works factory, a 7-course S tronic automatic transmission with double clutch. Both versions come in series via the quattro all-wheel drive. The consumption of a new or used Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI is 7.3 liters and 7.7 liters in the 211 hp version of 100 kilometers.

Tech details

Year 2011
Body type Station Wagon
Engine Gasoline, 1984cm³, 170HP
Drive permanent all-wheel
Gearbox automatic
Top speed (km/h) 212
0 - 100 km/h (s)
Seats 5
Doors 5
Emissions CO2 179g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
10.2 / 6.4 / 7.7
Dimensions (mm)
4380 / 1830 / 1610
Payload 460l
Insurance class 18 HF / 24 TK / 20 VK