Alfa-Romeo Furiosa

The launch of the Alfa Furiosa, successor to the junior, is scheduled for mid-2008. With the compact Alfa Furiosa the Italian automaker would specifically target young drivers. By launching a new entry-level model to the market with the Alfa Furiosa, the Italians follow the general trend of European automobile manufacturers. As a platform for the two-door Alfa Furiosa the Fiat Grande Punto used. The design of the Alfa Furiosa contrast draws heavily on already sold-out sports car Alfa 8C Competizione. As engines for the Alfa Furiosa gasoline engines with an output of 120, 150 and 200 hp are provided. The engines for the Alfa Furiosa uses the T-Jet turbo charged units of Fiat. As a top model 220 hp Alfa GTA Furiosa is also planned. Also an Alfa Furiosa diesel will give it soon. The prices for the sporty small car Alfa Furiosa are expected to start at around 16,000 euros. Looking for a sporty small car with an Italian flair ? Starting in mid 2008, you are your Alfa Furiosa can buy new cars as cheap at this website.