Much Alcantara in ?? La Furiosa ??

Milan (Italy), December 8, 2015

Garage Italia Customs are specialists in the finishing of Italian cars, yachts and helicopters. At the Dubai International Motor Show 2015, the company showed a very chic Alfa Romeo 4C, which was created in collaboration with the company " Alcantara ", which sells the same material throughout the world. Work on the Alfa Romeo were handmade.

Carbon and satin finish

When exterior Italians rely on a combination of black carbon and red paint on velvet finish. The roof made ​​of carbon fiber goes smoothly into the red hue and also the rear cover is held in this style. The brake calipers behind the golden rims are also painted red and also provided with white lettering. The other carbon components of the 4C ?? Headlight covers, air intakes and mirrors ?? were painted in " Candy Red".

In Alcantara sky

Inside the 4C dashboard, center console and door panels were covered with red Alcantara. The seat center sections were wrapped in black hides. Also on the steering wheel as well as the A-and B - pillars, the black - red material is used. The sky is also kept in black Alcantara.

Garage Italia Customs

The relatively young company Garage Italia Customs led by Lapo Elkann ?? a scion of the Fiat dynasty. In addition to cars, the Italians also modify any other toys, be it a boat, motor scooter or aircraft. In each product, the Italian " Dolce Vita " flows . ( mf )