Toyota Hiace

The Toytota Hiace Minibus Since the mid-sixties to the automotive market and is now being built in the fifth model generation. The Toyota Hiace is a versatile van and is available as a van, station wagon and camper. It is widely appreciated for its compact dimensions and its high court bid, not least as a used car. The latest model of the Toyota Hiace is available as a short or long version, or combination box since 2004 and is offered as 2.5-liter diesel or 2.7-liter gasoline engine. The estate version of the Toyota Hiace offers up to nine seats. Two sliding doors and a large tailgate facilitate the loading of bulky objects. To the regret of many customers, the Toyota Hiace is no longer offered with all-wheel drive (4WD), but only with rear-wheel drive. Buy from this website for cheap van. Here you will find a variety of current offers, with a diesel engine or all-wheel drive.