Toyota Hiace GL 4x4

After the Toyota Hiace van is already offered with all-wheel drive since 2007, it was only a matter of time before the Toyota Hiace GL 4x4 came on the market. Designed as a transporter for unpaved road routes (eg the way to ski), is now the new, and externally modified Toyota Hiace GL 4x4 which significantly increased demand for an all-wheel offer within the Toyota van model satisfy. Its strengths, the 4x4 system of the Toyota Hiace force distribution over a viscous coupling from particularly on loose or slippery surfaces. Once the drive wheels starts to spin, this proven 4x4 system distributes the drive torque of the 117-hp 2.5-liter common-rail turbo-diesel self-regulating between the front and rear axle, so the four-wheel drive Toyota Hiace GL in every situation offers optimum traction. In addition to the four-wheel drive of the Hiace GL 4x4 waiting for the new model year with enhancements to the sound insulation as well as other modifications to the grille, tailgate and hubcaps. In addition, the mirrors of practical van with four-wheel drive are heated and electrically adjustable. Air conditioning is the Hiace GL 4x4 anyway as standard.