It is not too! This is the new call SCR

Geneva, 8. March 2018

What is the Geneva auto salon would be complete without the appearance of reputation? Year for year of the allgäu Porsche legend Alois Ruf the hearts of enthusiasts beat faster. With Elfer-interpretations, this is so beautiful. And just so damn right feel. At last year's Salon call showed the wonderful and very yellow, the CTR, the the 30. Birthday of the epic Ruf Yellow Bird 1987 should celebrate. Including the 3.6-Liter Biturbo engine with 710 HP. At the Geneva Salon in 2018 and the game is repeated a certain extent. 40 years ago, and reputation showed the first SCR, a Hardcore 911-G-model with a much more aggressive aerodynamics, the 3.2-Liter Boxer was brought from 180 to 217 HP. The new SCR for a little bit now "" more.

Own Carbon Chassis

Aggressive optics, however, can be absolutely no question. The new reputation of the SCR shows a very modern, clean Retro-Chic to kneel. Reputation uses a Carbon-fibre bodywork. She sits on a Carbon Monocoque. A built-in cage will improve the rigidity and safety of the occupants. The carbon-fibre Overkill brings for weight only Good: The call SCR weight of just 1.325 pounds. For comparison: The brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which is only a couple of stalls, comes to a total of 1,430 pounds.

510-HP-vacuum cleaner

Also when driving the SCR the reputation relies on the latest technology, installed a 4.0-Liter naturally aspirated boxer engine with 510 HP (at dizzying of 8,270 trips) and 470 Newton-meters of torque. The only transmission Option is a six speed manual transmission. Reputation calls his latest creation a "sports car for the Gentleman Driver". To silent driving performance the manufacturer so far. Only the maximum speed of 320 km/h, the reveals. You should feel addressed now, you drool not to early on your keyboard (or your Smartphone/Tablet). Reputation has yet announced any prices for the SCR, but in General, its creations more than princely pay. The yellow 710-PS-CTR, for example, from the above, it costs a mere 892.000 Euro.(sw)