Back to Basics: Audi Q2

The fashionable flagship Audi's cross-overs. That is actually in a nutshell the job of the Q2. For the smallest 'high' Audi need not necessarily be comprehensive or very useful, but fun and hip. For a little more than 32 mille makes an attempt. A rich-equipped attempt?

Audi Q2 1.0 TFSI Sport either Design € 32.315

After the Q7, Q5 and Q3, followed in 2016 the compact Q2. The car is characterized by outer gelijknissen with the first A1, but is also based on the well-known technique. Compared to the Q3 delivers the Q2 almost 20 centimeters, which makes it, theoretically, take on the Renault Captur or the Mazda CX-3. Due to the higher price and the 'premium'character, you can actually rather as a competitor for the Mini Countryman scissors. Hip designed, high on the legs and equipped with all the luxuries, right? For € 32.315 you have a choice of two low-end: the Sport or the Design. About the gear later, first let's see what is in front of both variants. Boarding can with the 1.0 TFSI petrol engine, 116 hp supplies. The top is with the engine at 197 km/h, a sprint from standstill to 100 takes a little more than 10 seconds. The block mounts Audi a manual zesbak. In addition to the three-cylinder, there are two stronger viercilinders with 150 or 190 hp in the configurator, but for the daily mileage the 1.0 TFSI will be enough.

For both the Sport as well as Design uses Audi virtually the same standard equipment. So is a Q2 are always equipped with a manually adjustable air-conditioning, MMI multimedia system, electric windows all around and a leather-clad steering wheel. The varnish is 'free' in two colours are available: 'Brilliant Black' (Sport in the photos) or 'Ibis White' (Design on the photos). For metalliclak ask Audi to a minimum of € 868, which can reach up to € 3.221 for a 'parellak'. Wheels are always alloy feature: Sport: 17-inch, the Design with the multi-spoke ones. Difference between both versions lies in the detail. So is the interior in the Sport, especially with red accents finished, while the Design is characterized by white other decorative arts. The 'blade' on the C-style on the outside is available in different colors, such as metallic silver in the Sport. In the headlights do halogen lamps in both variants all the work.

There is, however, not for the money Audi asks also what to note to the list with all the standard amenities. So is the Q2 not fitted with cruise control, navigation system, park assist or led lamps. As we Audi know, are such facilities in packages are available, such as the Pro Line Plus for € 4.380. Previously mentioned options, however, are present in the Q2, but the starting price is equal to almost 37 mille. That is secretly quite a lot of money for a Captur-competitor.