Your new SUV, Mr. Bond?

Geneva ( Switzerland ), March 5, 2015

The fact that Aston Martin wants abhaben a piece of the big SUV cake, is obvious. Finally, the competition from the first class already dangerously planned with their crossover models. So Bentley has already announced the Bentayga 2016, Lamborghini Urus could the soon develop into series production, Maserati will bring the Levant and even with Rolls-Royce to think aloud about a sport utility vehicle after. And Porsche has already taken with the second Macan SUV into the program after the big Cayenne is going so well.

Practical, family-friendly and environmentally friendly

At the Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin has now lifted the veil of silence and a high Laid concept car unveiled. With its distinctive grille and no less distinctive tail lights can be seen an Aston Martin. In the words of Aston boss Andy Palmer dbx should not only be a luxury touring car, but also practical, family-friendly and environmentally friendly ?? Attributes, which are not normally referred to in the first place, when it comes to Aston models.

Electric drive

The concept car is a two-door car with four seats, the number of doors is expected to double in a production model, however. There is not much information on the study, which presumably should first test the reactions of customers and prospects. Only so much that the purely electrically driven DBX features hub motors and that, because of the lack of combustor in the front and rear practical storage spaces. The motors are powered by lithium - sulfur batteries ?? the well 's it to information.

Brake system with recuperation

The DBX also shows some technical features that may also come in a production model of the brand. These include a purely electric steering (drive-by-wire ), a brake system with ceramic discs and recuperation function, cameras instead of mirrors, automatically dimmendes safety glass and specially designed for driver and front passenger head-up displays.

Market not yet known

According to Palmer, the study of the production model is still a bit away. If and when the Aston SUV comes on the market and whether our friend 007 sometime a series DBX with the word gets " your new car, Mr. Bond " presents, still written in the stars. Speaking of Bond: The agent may even take a first time Aston Martin DB10 in reception, which was specially designed for the newest movie " Spectre " and ten times built. The film will be in October 2015 the cinema. (HD)