Yes, this is a performance-KIA

Detroit (United States), 9 January 2017

Little more than five years it has developed, designed, been worked and adapted, KIAS first performance sedan is finally finished. You read that right: a sports car. By KIA. He is on the Detroit Auto Show (8-22 January 2017), called Stinger, is kind of the production version of the 2011 IAA study KIA GT and surprised with sports figures, one would have expected the Koreans do not really.

Up to 365 HP

The KIA Stinger will be optionally available with rear-wheel drive or a hecklastigen all-wheel drive. For adequate cornering fun all cyclists get a torque-vectoring system, the versions with rear-wheel drive is equipped with a mechanical limited slip differential as standard. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo, Kia dares to 255 Horsepower and 353 NM which according to preliminary measurements assume the drive in the base. Top model is a new 3.3-liter Twin-Turbo V6 likely to 365 HP and 510 Newton metres. So, the Stinger according to KIA becomes the "most powerful vehicle of the company's history". As V6 complete with four-piston Brembo brakes and 720-Watt Harman Kardon hi-fi system the Stinger to in 5.1 seconds from 0-100 km/h Sprint and reach a top speed of 269 km/h. Regardless of motors and powered axles spread the load by an eight-speed automatic transmission, which can be operated via paddles on the Lenrkad. Who wanted a sporty KIA Limo with manual switch, apparently looks into the tube. It should be bearable for most people.

Mega - wheelbase, adaptive dampers

KIA sees the Stinger somewhere in the field of tension of Audi A5, BMW 4 Gran Coupé and Infiniti Q50, saddle up size much more, than the listed competitors. The hatchback is 4.87 metres long and has a mega - wheelbase of 2.91 meters. The latter trumped even the mass of a Mercedes CLS. Expect so very generous space and a reasonable boot. KIA promises ultra-high strength steels for more stiffness, lighter weight and reduced noise, vibration and a chassis with 55 percent. You know that Yes. Much more important for KIAS first correct athletes however appears that Albert Biermann, former Chief of development of M-GmbH, oversees the driving dynamics. The Stinger is expected to so very acceptable with its electronically adjustable chassis around the corner. One can only hope that not too much of the feeling steals the electronic power steering.

Rather a GT

A pure-bred, rather uncompromising curves milling, a BMW M3, Mercedes-AMG, C 63, or Audi RS makes, we however should not expect. Gregory Guillaume, Chief Kia Europe, stressed that: "In the Stinger isn't, than to be first at the goal, but to enjoy the ride. This is about passion." And he adds: "A genuine Gran Turismo, a car for spirited driving over long distances, power, dynamics and styling may be not so uncompromisingly realized, luxury, comfort and grace in short getting."

From end of 2017

This can be seen also in the design. The KIA Stinger loses but a lot of radical compared to the 2011 GT study. The huge wheels and the opposite opening doors did not succeed as expected in the series. Nevertheless, KIAS first sports sedan looks pretty great in our opinion. Especially the Coupé-like tail is a feast. Inside there is also quite dynamic. With lots of nappa leather and a reduced, nobly moulded dashboard, which looks a little like Mercedes. This is also unlike the seats, which feature as the higher Daimler products inflatable air cushion. Series is a seven inch touch screen, displays too G-forces or lap times. There all kinds of assistance and goodies like a height-adjustable head-up display. The market launch of the KIA Stinger will end 2017. prices are not yet set. It will be exciting to watch, if KIA can claim in this prestigious segment. The very first impression is quite promising. (black & white)