Yes, this is a Civic Type R Pick-up

Swindon (United Kingdom), 24. May 2018

Don't worry, with your eyes, everything is still in order. This is really a Honda Civic Type R Pick-up Truck. The purpose of sports alienated the device is called "Project P," and the work of some of the apparently not very under-utilized people in the Product Engineering Department in the UK Honda plant in Swindon.

That Trick Rear Wing

For the err tag is a pre-model of the Civic Type let R be a life. From the B-pillar at the stern was transmogrified, what holds the stuff. Rear doors, the entire rear half of the roof – all the way. This one now has a small cargo area with a chic black strap. And all Type R Fans can live in peace, because, thank God, the monumental stern, has survived wing. Where "survived" is a massive understatement, because the smart Honda engineers have made the thing movable, so as to ensure "direct and unrestricted access to the rear of the truck". Oh, don't even try it, Honda will not absorb the magic rear wing definitely into his own range of accessories.

265 km/h-Pick-up

Engine, transmission, chassis and wheels of the blast takes on a red Pick-up from the series-Civic-Type-R Under the hood is a two-liter Turbo with 320 HP and 400 Newton meters of torque. There is one of the best six-speed manual transmission in the world and a fantastic suspension with adaptive dampers and three driving modes. Honda thinks that the Type R Pick-speeding up in under six seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a top speed more than 265 km/h.

No Series Production

The possibility that the Project P is in series, is, unfortunately, at 0.0 percent. It is a true shame. However, considering actually, to send the Type-R Truck to the Nürburgring, to try to set the record for the "fastest front-wheel drive-Pick-up" shot of the game. Eternal glory would be the Honda guys for sure. And if there is nothing to do, stay at least a couple of really down-to-earth tasks for Project P: "There are no plans for series production," says Honda UK's car chief Phil Webb, "but we will use it to transport our lawn and garden products."(sw)