X5 is the eco - ship

Munich, March 15, 2015

The plug-in hybrid version of the BMW X5 has been a remarkable career. They come only in autumn 2015 to the market. There were already journalists rides with taped test vehicles and one or the other trade fair in Vorserienkleid gave it also. Now BMW is finally allowed to officially report back. The first plug-in hybrid core brand (BMW i3 and i8 are treated separately here ) goes by the name X5 xDrive40e and despite his horrendous weight of CO2 is 77 grams per kilometer. Since cheered the executive suite. The EU and the marketing department probably cheer.

For the first time with practice consumption

For his anti-SUFF SUV BMW has teamed known 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine (caution, four-cylinder!) With 245 hp and 350 Newton meters and a built-in eight-speed automatic electric motor with 113 hp and 250 Newton meters, The maximum system output is 313 hp and 450 Newton meters. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 9.0 kWh sitting under the trunk, which can selfsame shrink a little. 510-1720 liters swallows the hybrid X5. In his siblings are conventionally operated 650-1870 liters. On the topic of weight provides a hybrid usually not too good. There are ?? xDrive compared to equally strong X5 35i ?? 200 kilos of electric charge. Despite its 2,305 kilos accelerates the X5 40e in 6.8 seconds to 100 km / h. The top speed is limited at 210 km / h. In pure electric mode is 120 km / h, a range of 31 kilometers. The standard consumption is BMW with 3.3 liters. To be fair, (and this is really a novelty) call the Munich also has a practical use, which must move at normal commuting around 6.5 liters.

Full in under four hours

In addition to the well-known driving experience switch with the modes of Comfort, Sport and Eco Pro X5 xDrive40e also has an eDrive button that can determine how you want to be electrically go. In "Auto eDrive " mode cooperate both engines, "Max eDrive " uses only the electric motor and " Save" holding the charge state of the battery constant or increases it if you look at his electric supply for a later time ?? For example, a city trip ?? want to save. Is the juice but at some point away, it takes on a conventional socket three hours and 50 minutes, until it is fully back. A charging station or the optionally available BMW i wallbox get the job done in two-three-quarter hours.

little competition

As standard, the first BMW plug-in hybrid with the dynamic damper control, a rear axle, a heater and the Professional navigation system is already equipped more than decent. A third row of seats but it will not even give 40e in the X5 surcharge. As time for the launch of BMW calls the autumn of 2015. Prices will be announced in the summer. Currently, the competition for the hybrid X5 is sown far and few between. Lexus 450h wait to 59,950 euros expensive RX with 299 hp in the program and Audi does with the 373-hp diesel plug-in hybrid Q7 e-tron until the spring of 2016 itself. Meanwhile, the Munich already planning the next hybrid attack. The massentauglichere 3p plug-in hybrid will debut in 2016 for less than € 40,000 . (sw)