X - plosion with M genes

Munich, October 1, 2015

Quite a few people find, the BMW X4 is not particularly handsome, first and second, superfluous as a goiter. Good sale can thus be an SUV crossover coupe formations naturally anyway. Since sufficient in itself, that it is high. And an SUV. Whereby the BMW X4 so as SAC ( Sports Activity Coupé ) referred. But let's get to the point. The point is that BMW SUV SAC has just donated a new top model with a whole bunch of M genes his. It answers to the name X4 M40i and is therefore not a pure M, but an M - performance model. For plenty of adrenaline before schoolyard, supermarket or golf course the latest sports scion should worry yet.

Ingredients from the M4

An important part, will have the new engine, the BMW has made M40i-compatible with quite a lot of effort. The basis is here not about the new, modular six-cylinder engine with 326 hp from the 340i, but the " old " series of six from the X4 35i with 306 hp and 400 Newton meters. For more M - otion the machine receives pistons, crankshaft bearings and spark plugs from the M3 / M4. There are more boost pressure, a higher injection quantity, an optimized air intake and a new exhaust system with valve control. Should you actually times on the racetrack want ( God forbid ), you will probably know to appreciate the new, separate oil cooler.

Less than five seconds to 100 km / h

In any case, however good are the 360 hp and 465 Newton meters, which spits out the X4 M40i now. About a little hotter tuned eight-speed sports automatic transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel, the power goes to all four wheels. Thus runs the X4 M40i in 4.9 seconds to 100 km / h ( the Audi SQ5 is three tenths slower) and a maximum of up to 250 km / h. The consumption is BMW with 8.6 liters. It may now be speculated heatedly whether this is also the engine that we will see in the forthcoming M2.

Much touches on chassis

M performance is of course more fun in the chassis. And the M engineers have tinkered quite nice for the X4 M40i. There are more negative camber at the front axle, stronger wishbones, stiffer springs and reinforced anti-roll bars on the front and rear axle. The electronic damper and steering have been provided with more sportsmanship. The wheel drive system should also be designed tail stressed. Standard is the X4 M40i on 19 - inch wheels with Michelin - runflat tires. Optional 20 - inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are erhältlilch. Larger front brake discs and brake pads optimized all-round complete the Dynamic Handling package for the fastest X4.

Visually unobtrusive

If you want to distinguish the M40i optically by its weaker X4 - brothers, but already needs to take a closer look. A little tip: watch out for splashes of color to gray mirrors and grill, black exhaust tailpipes left and right as well as a slightly stronger molded rear diffuser. Inside shows the top model status by some M logo and an M-specific sports steering wheel.

More and more sports SUVs

The BMW X4 M40i comes standard among other variable sports steering, Park Distance Control, xenon headlights, sports seats and variable attenuators. Prices start at 65,000 euros and the launch takes place in spring 2016. In addition to the aforementioned Audi SQ5 and the stronger variants of also appearing early 2016 Jaguar F - Pace, the M - X4 is to also to the announced 2016 Mercedes GLC Coupé 450 AMG may argue that sports SUV crown . ( sw )