With 1,000 hp hybrid raced

Woking ( UK), February 19, 2015

On the 85th Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015), it is come: the production-ready model of the McLaren P1 GTR premiere. The designed for use in racing vehicle has already completed thousands of kilometers of testing in various places in Europe and a test program in extreme heat of Bahrain and Qatar.

optical tribute

The most obvious change compared with the presented about six months ago design concept is the exterior design. The design velvet painting is a tribute to the yellow / green McLaren F1 GTR, chassis number 06R, which was successfully performed in the seasons 1995 and 1996 by the race team " Mach One Racing".

Improved cooling and aerodynamics

The extensive test program reached over the design concept to improve the aerodynamic performance and cooling. The front track is 80 mm wider than the road version of the P1. In addition, 50 mm, the front part of the vehicle is lower by the newly profiled front bumper. At the rear is dominated by a fixed wing, which sits more than 400 millimeters above the rear car lot. In conjunction with the aerodynamic flap of the front wheels an output of up to 660 Kg will be generated at 240 km / h.

Weight-saving measures

As the road racer builds the racing version on a carbon fiber body. A 6.5 kg lighter exhaust system, special page polycarbonate windows and even more consistent use of carbon fiber provided for a further 50 kilogram weight reduction. This brings the McLaren P1 GTR around 1420 kg on the scale.

800 plus 200, 1000

At the core of race - P1 is a hybrid powertrain works. It consists of a 3.8-liter V8 with 800 hp and an electric motor with 200 hp. Thus, the system performance is an impressive 1,000 hp. The power to weight ratio is around 700 bhp per ton. And in the street version? There PS 623 must be sufficient to move a ton of series-P1. Even the meet but to accelerate the P1 street legal in 16.5 seconds to 300 km / h.

As of June 2015 production

Although all car buyers should really be familiar with the P1 ( you can only buy a GTR, if you already have one of 375 regular P1 ), it will invariably driver training for the super - cars, which will start before the premiere in March, As of June 2015, the production of P1 GTR start. Just when the last street legal P1 comes off the production. Cost point? 2.5 million euros. Without the necessary acquisition price of P1 normal course. (ml)