Toyota Aqua Hybrid

The Toyota Aqua hybrid is a small car and was first introduced in 2012 as a new hybrid vehicle. With the Toyota Aqua hybrid, the Japanese company is expanding its hybrid fleet further and forms a vehicle for beginners, those of the Toyota Prius is too big or too expensive. In principle, the Toyota Aqua hybrid car builds on the operation of the Prius and drive concept taken directly from the sellers. Also called the Prius C hybrid car is built on the chassis of the Yaris, offering as vehicle length to 3.99 meters for up to five people. For driving the Toyota Aqua hybrid, a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine as the 74 HP supplies ensures. On standard automatic transmission is effective when a small car around 61-hp electric engine, so that the performance of the Toyota Aqua hybrid is an impressive 135 hp. According to factory specifications, the new or used Toyota Aqua Hybrid to make do with just 2.5 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers, which is about 1.3 liters savings compared to the current Toyota Prius cars.