Wilde workshop Dreams

Poing, November 9, 2015

In Garages Stahlgruber is a household name. And not just by replacing parts and special Workshop equipment, but also by pictures of scantily clad women in screwdriver ambience.

People Near Models

For eleven years Stahlgruber supplies a select group of individuals with the workshop calendar. On the erotic motives only customers of the company are to be seen. If you are interested in the modeling job: Until the end of January 2016, the application deadline is for the 2017er edition.

Exclusive erotic

Completely new is the inclusion in the so-called " augmented reality ". Who scans a calendar page with his cell phone and the app called Aurasma, get to see a video of that lady. Speaking get: The Stahlgruber calendar is strictly limited and may not be purchased. But does not matter because we will see the most beautiful designs . ( rh )