Widening the A27 at junction Hooipolder earlier

The junction Hooipolder is previously taken care of than previously announced. The widening of the A27 motorway between Wooden and junction Hooipolder is already in 2026 completed, while previously the aim was to work in 2029 to complete, so you made Rijkswaterstaat Monday known.

The province of Noord-Brabant had the acceleration called for. At junction Hooipolder are road users every day in traffic and bales of residents of surrounding villages of the cars taking a shortcut, set the delegate Christophe van der Maat of Mobility. "The kick may be what concerns us is not early enough to the ground," he says.

"This is good news for the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipalities. If we this node hands, it leads to a better accessibility and a faster flow of traffic", said minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen from the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and public Works.