Alfa-Romeo 1900 Sprint

In 1951 Alfa Romeo Sprint debuted in 1900, a coupe based on the Alfa sedan introduced a year earlier in 1900. The 4.41-meter-long Alfa coupe came from the pen of designer Carlo Felice Anderloni. As the engine was initially a 100-hp 1.9-liter four-cylinder is used, which brought the 1050 kg lightweight Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint on your toes : 180 km / h top speed was in the 50's a sports car value. The first copy of the Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint was about the same in the possession of Juan Manuel Fangio. The former Alfa Romeo factory driver should win the first of five Formula 1 world championships in the same year. Analogous to the saloon received the Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint 1956 more power (115 hp) and larger displacement (2.0 L) and the adapted name Supersprint. The 1900 Alfa Romeo Sprint was the first with five-speed gearbox and has been built up to 1958 a total of 1,808 times.

Alfa-Romeo 1900 Sprint photos