VW T-Roc: Soon the Golf-SUV

Wolfsburg, 7. August 2017

In the sign of T: so Far, the SUV model range of the VW just out of the Tiguan, the long version of the Tiguan Allspace and the Touareg. But it seam reinforcement for the lower classes: at the end of August 2017, the T will be presented to the Roc. Now VW gives a small Outlook.

Five instead of three doors

The basic shape of the T-Roc had shown VW is already 2014 in the Form of a study. She was a three-door and had a kind of Targa roof. All of these parameters you should keep in mind for the production model confidently: fresh official sketches show a five-door model with coupé-like to the rear, extending the roof line. Another feature is the clearly defined wheel arches. Although the rear of the T-Roc is reminiscent of the Tiguan, but VW is looking, apparently, the conscious delimitation of its best-selling SUV.

The true Golf-SUV

However, it would ensure also the length, we anticipate approximately 4.30 meters. Thus, the T-Roc would be just above the Golf, but almost 20 inches below the Tiguan. Of the same Format competitors such as Opel Mokka X and Mazda CX-3 (both 4.27-metre) or even the Mini Countryman (4.30 meters). To speak of a "Golf SUV" is not wrong, since the Tiguan has increased significantly. Fits to is well-published in 2018, a "Polo-SUV" as an offshoot of the Seat Arona, putative length: 4.15 metres. On demand, VW confirmed that the Name T-Roc is not changed. Until the market start (probably the end of 2017) still remains a bit of time to Practice. The Name is "Ti-Rock".(rh)