VW Polo: The cost of the reissue

Wolfsburg, 4. August 2017

As of now, the new Generation of the VW Polo can be ordered. In the future, there is the popular small car only as a five-door hatchback. The first prices, however, show that A bargain, the Polo has never been, and continue to do so in the future.

For the time being, limited time offer

To order the start of the now is 4.05 metres long, the VW Polo is the classic equipment variants Trendline, Comfortline and Highline available. Add to that the "Beats"Version with a 300-Watt sound system and the special model "Launch". Up to the end of the year, all engines will be available, as well as the Polo GTI with 200 HP and a natural gas variant.

Tight-Fisted Base

First of all, one-liter gasoline engine will be available only to the selection. As a sucker they deliver the 65 and 75 HP, with a Turbo it is 95 HP. For the latter Version also has a Seven-speed DSG available. Fairly skimmed the basic version shows the Trendline: it provides a City emergency braking function, daytime running lights with pedestrian detection, as well as LED. That was it but also already. 12.975 Euro, the Polo costs so with a 65-HP engine. Recommendable is the handle to the Comfortline equipment for 15.150 Euro. Here is a air conditioning, a multifunction steering wheel and a Radio with a colour display are included. Who want to 75 HP under the hood, pays 16.150 Euro, 95 HP cost 17.200 euros. The DSG Supplement is 1500 Euro.

The competition

A quick glance to the other, also a new competitor: The Seat Ibiza costs with 65 HP and a standard rear doors 12.490 Euro. For the five-door Ford Fiesta with 70 HP 13.750 Euro in the list, however, advertises Ford at the moment with a promotional price of 11,700 euros.(rh)