VW informed employees, communities and customers

Wolfsburg, October 6, 2015

To save in diesel affair, what can still be saved, VW is in the information campaign. Employees, affected communities and customers are informed reinforced what consequences are to be feared.

Müller Operating Assembly

Thus, the workforce needs to be reassured that fear only for their jobs. The fear is that the Executive Committee could compensate for falling profits arising because money is flowing in costly product recalls and compensation by a reduction in personnel costs. Therefore place this Tuesday in Wolfsburg a staff meeting held, informed the CEO Matthias Müller together with the general chairman Bernd Osterloh employees.

Municipalities fear for their tax revenues

Even some municipalities are hit hard by the VW - crisis. The city of Wolfsburg as soon has reacted after learning of the allegations with a spending freeze and a hiring freeze ?? VW finally contributes the bulk of business taxes. Also member of the Bundestag from affected constituencies were contacted as the " Handelsblatt " reported. From this letter it appears that most of the eleven million affected cars ?? namely eight million ?? were sold in the European Union.

Excuse my newspaper ad

Finally, the group apologized in full-page print ads with customers and provides information on the websites of the affected brands: VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. There is to be read, among other things, which VINs are affected and how the owners of affected vehicles should behave.

Not so easy to calm can be obviously the shareholders, at least, the price of VW shares to drop. Standen preference shares before the crisis at 165 euros, so they arrived on Monday with 92 euros a five-year low. At the beginning of the share listed at more than 250 euros.

EPA now also checks the Diesel other brands

And the authorities do not have any rest. The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency ) is considering, according to various media reports, whether stricter emission rules for the entire industry are needed. Currently, it is checked whether other manufacturers use a cycle detection. Also cars of Volvo, Renault and Hyundai have on the road higher emission levels as shown on the test bench.

VW restrained confession

The scandal began on 19 September with regard to the EPA that VW diesel pretending through a special " cycle detect " put to the test lower nitrogen oxide emissions. The facts had but apparently against the EPA already added early September, without informing the public about VW. This happened only after the EPA had published the allegations . ( sl )