VW Golf: 400 -horsepower grenade caught

Nürburg, May 20, 2015

From this Golf is not yet much known. Only that it is unlikely strongly and is currently being developed according to VW development chief Heinz - Jakob Neusser. This refers to the production version of the study R400, which provided at the fair Auto China in 2014 caused a sensation. The concept car had the two-liter TSI engine from the current Golf R under the hood, but the ?? comes the name ?? juicy 400 PS delivered.

Wider and deeper than the R-Golf

As I said, VW has admitted that it is working on the production version of this car. Therefore it is no surprise really that our Erlkönig hunters has now shot with his camera a corresponding test vehicle. At first glance reveals a Golf R with wider wheel arches and an extreme lowering. At the rear, there is a larger spoiler than normal R version. Earwitness want hear the sound of a five-cylinder engine. This information allows to assume anew. Should the production model of the five-cylinder engine from the all-new Audi RS 3 Sportback get? There, the engine generates 367 hp. It is also conceivable that this machine is then linked in the Gulf with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission from the RS 3.

Modified engine from the " R " very likely

We believe that the five-cylinder theory unlikely. According to our assumption of production Golf gets R400 ( maybe he is also R420, as speculated by many fans ) actually the two-liter TSI of the Golf R. Maybe he is but deliver 420 hp in the new power version. Such a drive had Audi " sport TT quattro concept " already in the study presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. To be prepared for the mighty power, the internal " EA 888 " called consolidated unit has been revised. So the drive special aluminum pistons received with integrated cooling channel and a crankshaft made of high-strength forged steel. The newly developed turbocharger builds a boost pressure of up to 1.8 bar on. In addition, various other modifications are adopted, which had already received the TSI engine for use in racing Polo WRC.

DSG and four-wheel drive

The force is probably adept at About - Golf by a seven-speed DSG, which is designed for high torque, to a four-wheel drive. For details, we will probably find out until later in the year 2015, possibly before the car show IAA in September . ( hd )