VW crafter: The prices of the new

Hanover, 8 November 2016

Whether parcel service or tradesman: the Volkswagen crafter is a familiar sight on the streets. So far, a relative of the Mercedes Sprinter, is the next generation completely independently. Is now known, which will cost two of the crafter number.

Cheaper than its predecessor

The launch begins only in the March 2017, but already the new VW crafter can be ordered. It starts strong diesel, front-wheel drive and normal roof, medium wheelbase for the time being at 33.677 euro for the three vans with 102 PS. This means 3.64 meters between the axles. According to VW, the crafter is commercial vehicles so cheaper than its predecessor. A side wind Wizard, a cargo space illumination and a longitudinal as height-adjustable steering wheel are standard. However the charge list long, air conditioning costs, for example, 1,844 euro extra. When placing an order until end of June 2017 there is also two-year warranty two additional years for a total mileage of 120,000 kilometres free on top.

Stiff competition from Ford and Mercedes

35.475 euro starts the crafter with medium wheelbase and high roof. Who prefer 140 HP under the hood would have, 37.974 euros, 177 HP 39.646 euros. Where is the competition? The Mercedes Sprinter euros 211 CDI with 2.8 tons, 114 HP and 3.66 meters wheelbase without high roof regularly 36.688. But, a very Spartan equipped sprinter "Worker" in the offer which is only 26.977 euro is up-to-date. 105 HP and 3.75 meter wheelbase, a comparable Ford Transit brings it. 34.688 euro in the list are here. (rh)