Video: how fast and expensive is the McLaren of Senna is

Woking (UK), 8. February 2018

The McLaren Senna was born about two years ago, the light of the world. At that time, as Project 15. The Goal? Faster lap times than a P1, and without the electric powertrain. To achieve this, must be the Senna extremely easy. The doors weigh less than 10 kilos per piece – only half as much as the doors of the 720S. Carbon, thank. The seat shells, you can two-finger lift (3,36 kg). But the most impressive example for lightweight construction projects from the rear. The huge wing weighs less than five pounds and can hold 500 times its own weight.

800 horsepower and rear-wheel drive

And because we are not just impressive Numbers – there are still a few. To be three times 800,: 800 HP, 800 Newton meters and 800 pounds of maximum pressure. The four-liter V8 that produces this absurd power that corresponds, more or less, to the aggregate of the 720S. However, with some in-depth intervention in the engine control and the use of revised engine innards. Without fluids, the Senna weighs 1.198 kg. So he has a better power to weight ratio than the P1. As you can imagine, this focus on Performance at the expense of comfort. The McLaren series Director Andy Palmer confirmed: "The focus is solely on the driver or the driver and her or his ability to drive the fastest lap."

Surprise! He is very expensive

Quick reflexes are also likely to be useful, because of the Senna's, like Schmidt's cat. Zero to 100 km/h: 2.8 seconds. Due to the massive body kit, the maximum speed is, however, a surprisingly "low". "Just" 340 km/h. Whether the future of the mega-rich, mega can live powerful owners? The price of the car by the way 922.250 euros, and there are only 500 of them are already sold out. So, Yah, or whatever us the Masch Meyers of this world and say, in the future, if you shoot with your Senna's from the underground garage.(dh)